The following Carbon Footprint Calculator is for you to work out a meaningful estimate with a little effort on your part.

Enter your data using the units/measures indicated, you can work out what these are from your bills or other records.

Some fields have a down arrow, you will need to select one of a number of options.

The resulting Annual CO2 emission under each heading is based on your inputs and mainly government data for the year specified.

Please contact us if you'd like further details on data/calculations used in deriving the conversion to annual Carbon emissions.

Every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, however, these are based on national or European averages so will inevitably represent a best effort. The areas are arranged in order of accuracy, starting with the Home/Building as being the most accurate and ending with Stuff as the least accurate. Nevertheless we believe these provide an acceptable estimate of your Carbon Footprint for the amount of effort to input your consumption.

Note that the emissions calculated here are consumption based, so include emissions due to production of imports and international transport.

We need to reduce our Carbon emissions by ~14.4% year on year, if we are to stay well below 2 deg C, the point at which we are likely to get runaway Climate Change! The final page of this wizard Track Your Emissions shows your emissions history nd targets.

Try to be as accurate as possible, if you don't have the exact data you can usually estimate this in other ways, contact TECs for help.

The remainder of the E-Pack tells you how to measure this consumption more accurately and helps you break it down further so you can take more informed action. This will need a bit more effort, but well worth it.

Any data you enter is automatically stored locally on your computer, you can save it to a file and restore it from file should you wish to use another computer.

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Each year you should enter you data for the preceding year.

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A summary analysis for the year is maintained in the table below as you enter data. Once you have entered some data you can use the links in the table to navigate to the relevant section of this page.

Number in Household

Number of persons in household:

Editing tables on this page

key functions for editing

Home / Building

Enter usage for each energy source available to you, using meter readings and bills where these are available.

The first cell is a dropdown list which allows you to select each of your energy sources.

As you enter each source the table automatically expands

Enter data for all transport used by your household.



For electricity (plug-in hybrid and Battery EV cars), only enter mileage from charging away from home. For plug-in hybrid cars make two entries:

  • One for petrol/diesel used.
  • One for electricity from charging away from home.

you will need to calculate this seperately, please ask TECs for help if you are unsure how to do this.

If you do not readily have your actual fuel consumption, measure this for a representative trial period and record the fuel used in the period and the mileage covered. To enter figures from the trial period press the calculate button, enter the figures and then the consumption will be calculated.

If you do not have an MOT certificate, you can find it here:

Start entering vehicles by selecting an energy source.

Public Transport

Enter mileages travelled by public transport into the table below. For each type of transport select the type of transport and then enter the mileage. You can either add up all your journeys by a mode of transport together and enter one figure, or enter individual trips.


Enter data for all food/drink purchases for your household, include own preparation, restaurants and takeaways.

If unsure of annual expenditure, you can use the annual UK average of £5050 based on average expenditure per person of £2525

Select your diet type (or nearest approximation)


Enter your household's annual spend on products. This covers all items you purchase other than food, drink and fuels, so including household appliances, vehicles, building materials and tools, etc.

If unsure of annual product expenditure, you can use the annual UK average used as default £7587 based on average expenditure per person of £3793

Services are fixed based on a set amount per person in the UK multiplied by the number of people in your household. This covers public expenditure (e.g. Health, education, etc), finance, legal and other service sectors.


Press to track your emissions.

Track your emissions

Your emissions history already entered is summarised on this page. The first year you enter sets a baseline from which a Paris Agreement targets are calculated for each of the following years. Compare your actuals against the targets below. Both annual and cumulative targets are shown.



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Now you have entered all that data it is a good idea to save it to a file. This will enable you to restore it later to either another machine or retrieve your data should it be lost for any reason.

Press to save to file now.

Your file will called mycarbonfootprint.json, where this will be saved depends on your browser and browser setting: