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Budget Tracking

Your emissions history already entered is summarised on this page. 2019 sets a baseline from which a Paris Agreement targets are calculated for each of the following years. Compare your actuals against the targets below.

The targets for Teignbridge residents reduce at 14.4%, which is a figure suggested by the Tyndall Centre local authority reports. You can adjust the reduction rate here % for other districts in the UK.

Your total budget is shown below. As you enter your consumption each year, this budget will 'fill up' as your actual emissions increase year on year.

Data Tables Notes on Targets and Budgets



The 2018 IPCC report and the Tyndall Centre's implementation of this for UK ‘lower tier’ planning authorities is essentially a statement of how much more net GHG emissions we can emit before we exceed a limit that will trigger ‘runaway Climate Change’. This total budget has been ‘fairly’ allocated to countries/regions and annual budgets set that would keep us ‘well below 2 degree C temperature rise’.

Help for Budget Tracking.


Save your Data

Your data is now stored in local storage in your browser.

Now that you have entered all that data it is a good idea to save it to a file. This will enable you to restore it later to either another device or retrieve your data should it be lost for any reason.

Press to save to file now.

Your file will called mycarbonfootprint.json, where this will be saved depends on your browser and browser setting:

Restore your Data

If you have saved your data to file and wish to restore it press

Starting again

If you want to discard all your data entered so far and start again press

If you want to delete data for a single year, then select the year in the toolbar, and then press

Help for Save/Restore.

Keyboard functions for editing tables

The following tables on this page are for you to enter your data, you can move around each table easily by using the following keys:

TabMoves to the next input cell
EnterMoves on to the next page

In addition the following keys work within text input fields (not dropdown lists) only in the current table:

BackspaceDelete the preceding character
DelDelete the current character
DownMoves to the input cell immediately below
UpMoves to the input cell immediately above
RightMoves one character right and to the next input cell when at the end of text
LeftMoves one character left and to the previous input cell when at the beginning of text

When used in dropdown lists the arrow keys change the current selection.

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