Our first success was the 50 kWp PV system at Teign School in Kingsteignton.  This system is fully operational and generating better than expected.

After changes in government support for renewables and community energy, the status of the pound and its effects on installation costs, and low inflation, the landscape is now much more challenging than when we set up TECs.

Despite these considerable setbacks, we are still determined to continue. We have been investigating new post-Feed-in-Tariff financial and technical models via an RCEF grant. Results now submitted.

Paramount 21 at Heathfield is still looking promising. Yeo Valley has decided to focus on other priorities for the time being. We are still in close contact with the site at Brunel.

We are also talking to more Stakeholders about LED lighting energy saving projects.

We want to keep you up to date with what’s happening to your projects.

We’ve set up a guest login for you to access information about system performance and CO2 savings.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

If you have any questions about the system or related performance data, please contact Dr Watt and Wendy Washer.

Teign School solar PV : https://monitoring.solaredge.com/solaredge-web/p/login

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The first TECs installation is up and generating for Teign School.  It was successfully financed by our first Community Share Offer.

TECs first project was in partnership with TEIGN SCHOOL in Kingsteignton.  The new Sports Hall has the perfect orientation to benefit from solar PhotoVoltaics (PV).   Simon Herbert of Free Energy SW, one of TECs’ preferred installers, was our local engineer for this project. He has now installed the array.

The school’s senior management were on board and we worked closely with Tony Dolan , Head of Sixth Form and Kate Ball at Teign School, as well as Iain Freeland for the Templer Academy Schools Trust (TAST), now Education South West.

We are working alongside Zoe Williamson the Education South West Sustainability Manager.  To get the school involved with the whole energy issue across the curriculum we are waiting for a new Teign School Energy Champion to be nominated.  This is an exciting prospect.  It fits in neatly with our VISION of raising greater awareness of energy use.

Engagement through school activites is also crucial . The Energy team (Zoe from TAST , Kate and Tony from Teign) organised an ENERGY WEEK during February 2016 at Teign for students to talk about issues around renewable energy, the school’s energy use and their new solar panels.  TECs awarded prizes for the winning entries, see the news page http://teignenergycommunities.co.uk/news/

Zoe has been working closely with Keith Webber , Energy Guru from Okehampton College on a comprehensive energy audit at the Teign school. TECs is hoping to help deliver some of the proposals via its Community Fund. We are fully on board with the energy-awareness raising at Teign School. Okehampton College’s work in this area and full school engagement is very inspiring.

Teign School has been the first recipient of our 2017 Community Fund.  They are using this to install new LED panels in several corridors.

We had secured FiT pre-registration from Ofgem for three sites, two in/near Moretonhampstead.  The other site was Hannah’s at Seale Hayne, however, the September deadline proved too big a challange for Hannah’s Trust.

Unfortunately unanticipated structural work prevented TVCEs’ Moretonhampstead projects from going ahead. This has been a great disappointment to both TECs and TVCE. We were almost there and fell at the final hurdle. So frustrating.

TVCE have dusted themselves off and are now looking at a much larger and ambitious hydro scheme.  A feasibility study organised under an RCEF grant is being carried out in late 2017.