TECs arose out of Transition Newton Abbot’s (TNA) interest in Community Energy.  It was a logical follow-on from work the TNA Energy Group had already been doing locally.  Here is a description of some of the organisational structures, what they do and how they work:

Elected by the membership in accordance with the rules of our Constitution.  The TECs Board is the decision-making body for operational matters.  Directors are responsible to the membership to deliver the objects of the CBS.

The founder Directors have volunteered to guide TECs through the start-up phase.  Within 6 months of TECs submitting its first accounts, a new Board of Directors will be elected by the membership.  We are very lucky to have such willing volunteer board of directors with a wide range of expertise and skills.

You can see our current Directors under The Board page

The purpose of the Forum is to bring together under one umbrella individuals and organisations keen to support the activities, aims and objectives of TECs.  Members of the forum can organise to work individually or in groups. It can involve a regualr commitment or a temporary one, depending on the time you have available

The role of the forum includes:

  • advising the Board
  • providing support and technical input
  • an opportunity for exchanging information and updates on progress both with the Board and other groups.

You can find out who’s helping us out by going to the Support Forum page.

The support forum Co-ordinator is currently Helen Chessum, you can contact her through our Contact Us page.

Any organisation with an asset or infrastructure made available for TECs’ renewable energy installations.  Our stakeholders come from across Teignbridge.  These may be community groups, social enterprises, health/education trusts, councils, businesses and any group that also signs up to the vision, aims and objectives of the CBS.

Our current stakeholders are listed in Stakeholder Organisations.

Members are individuals or organisations with full voting rights. Membership follows from the purchase of £1 – £49 of shares at any time or the minimum number of shares in a share offer.  Members have one vote irrespective of the number of shares they hold.

Members are eligible to receive an annual interest in accordance with the terms of the specific share offer.  Please see our Membership page for current options on how to become a Member.