To achieve the widest possible community engagement with energy use and energy generation.

We want people in the local area to become more aware of, and engaged with their use of energy, so that energy becomes as familiar as money.


How have we done this?

We have set up a Community Benefit Society (CBS).  This allows us to help you realise your Renewable Energy installations, Energy Saving project or simply to raise your awarenes on Energy matters.  TECs has a broad range of experience and wide network of individuals and organisations we can call on.  We are a not-for-profit co-operative with a secure income, this allows us to offer most of our support for free.


How do we put our vision into practice?

As well as helping businesses, organisations or households put renewable energy installations on sites they own or occupy,  we also want to work with you and your wider community to become more aware of your energy use.

By engaging with energy use, we are all more likely to understand and appreciate it.  This can also lead to a change in our attitudes and behaviour when using energy, not just at work or school, but also when we go home.