There are several different ways you can become part of the TECs initiative.

We welcome enquiries from any group, organisation or business interested in a Renewable Energy installation, Energy Saving measures or raising Energy awareness.  It will be important to identify your Energy use and to engage with the users of your organisation to get their buy-in.  Part of the programme and philosophy of TECs is to encourage wide engagement with Energy use within Stakeholder organisations.  Please contact us at to arrange an initial meeting with a TECs representative.

To find out more on how we work with our Stakeholders and others, go to the How TECs Works page.

Without your investment support we have no installations.  You are key! We rely on you to finance our community projects.  We believe that community energy is important in a variety of ways:

  • keeps power generation in the hands of the local community, strengthening local energy supplies and improving energy security.
  • more money remains in the local economy, by re-investing surplus profits in the local community as well as ensuring more of our utility payments remain within the local economy.
  • the power generated can be used close to the point of generation by reducing transmission losses.
  • allows users to become more aware of their energy use, leading to greater engagement with this key issue.

If you think this is the way to go and have some spare funds you would be happy to invest, then please go to the Membership page.

In common with most organisations, TECs couldn’t survive without the personal energy and commitment of a lot of lovely people from within our local communities.
Our volunteers cover a host of areas :

  • legal advice business advice
  • website management
  • publicity , marketing and media work
  • engagement with our stakeholders
  • internal communications
  • supply chain management
  • organising events and meetings
  • raising awareness and giving talks about Energy related matters

If  you would like to join our Support Forum team, just contact us and we can have a chat about how you can help.  Everyone welcome!

We intend to pay those who provide TECs with ongoing operational services.  Early on, while we are building up our portfolio of projects/income, we will have limited funds to pay for all the services needed and may have to rely on a mix of paid and voluntary work.  If you are interested in any of the roles below, eaither in a volunry or paid capacity, please contact us and we can have a chat about how you can help and on what basis.

Our current operational roles are:

Following a successful Invitation to Tender (ITT) for Teign School, we have shortlisted two installers.  Southwest Free Energy and Sungift Energy were selected because they were able to meet all the criteria at a competitive price.  We were impressed by the professional approach of both, their flexibility and willingness to engage with Community Energy.

We have recently added Callidus to our list of preferred local installers.

Longer term, we intend to have a preffered list of experienced installers based in and around Teignbridge. If you are interested in future projects we are considering, please contact us to discuss this.