“I am pleased that Teign Energy Communities (TECs) has been awarded the Community Shares Standard Mark and are able to launch their first share offer.  In our emerging Council Strategy we recognised our role in encouraging local people to reduce their energy consumption and support the use of renewable energy. This is why Teignbridge District 

“Templer Academy Schools Trust welcomed the opportunity to support TECs when it was formed.   In our role in the education of our young people TAST recognises the importance of providing information about and promoting the care of our” environment.  We share these objectives with TECs” Peter Di Giuseppe Chair, Templer Academy Schools Trust

“Teign Housing is a keen supporter of Teign Energy Communities (TECs) and the work they are doing in Teignbridge. Like ourselves, TECs has a vision to provide a service that benefits the community and are invested in raising awareness of energy-saving, renewable energy and reducing fuel poverty.” Mike Hanrahan Chief Executive, Teign Housing